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Dog Training

Each year thousands of dog owners part with their dogs due to behavioral issues. While that is sad enough, what makes it even sadder is that these behavioral issues could have been corrected and in some instances avoided altogether with some basic dog training lessons. If you have a dog and you haven’t yet participated in dog training lessons or dog training activities with your pet, now’s the time to start.

On the surface dog training can appear to be nothing more than teaching your dog to sit, stay and shake hands on command. In reality, dog training is much, much more than training your dog to respond to two or three commands. Dog training actually teaches you how to communicate with your dog and teaches your dog how to understand what you’re trying to say and how to pick up on your cues and commands.

dog trainingDog training is crucial if you want to communicate with your dog. When your dog is barking at you, do you understand what he’s saying? You really don’t. You may understand that he needs to go outside, but that’s not because you actually understand what your dog is saying, you have just learned to pick up on the cues he gives when he needs to do his business.

Likewise, when you talk to your dog he has absolutely no idea what the words coming out of your mouth may mean. All he hears is sound and he has no way of translating that sound into anything meaningful. Because of this, you need to learn how to show your dog what you’re trying to tell him. This is where dog training comes in.

Dog TrainingWhen you take a dog training class, your teacher will teach you how to communicate with your dog in a manner that he or she will understand. Once you have broken through the communication barrier, teaching your dog what you want from him and how to behave becomes a lot easier and your relationship with your dog gets much better.

In addition to teaching you how to communicate with your dog and teaching your dog basic commands, you can use dog training to teach your dog advanced commands. If you want your dog to learn how to guard your family and your home, there are dog training methods that will teach him just that. Some people have used dog training to teach their dog how to keep their kids safe, how to bring in the paper, how to fetch their shoes and much, much more.

If you’re worried about the cost of dog training, you’ll be happy to learn that dog training lessons do not have to be expensive. You can order tapes or books and do the dog training yourself in your home or you can enroll in group dog training. Group dog training usually costs between fifty and one-hundred and fifty dollars for the entire set of dog training lessons. When you realize that dog training costs less than one chewed-up pair of nice shoes, the value becomes quite clear.