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 Yorkie Physical Characteristics

Yorkie Physical CharacteristicsYorkie physical characteristics vary from dog to dog.  While there is a breed standard determined by the American Kennel Club (AKC), many of today's yorkies fall short of that standard because the dogs have been bred so frequently by irresponsible breeders who were more interested in profit than in upholding that standard.  Below is a brief description of the yorkie physical characteristics based on that standard:

  • Description – Yorkies are small dogs who can weigh no more than 7 pounds based on the AKC breed standard.  They have well-proportioned bodies.
  • Coat – Yorkies should have a silky coat.  The hair is long and fine. Most owners groom their dogs so that the coat parts in the center of the back and falls down over the sides of the dogs.  The coat usually needs to be trimmed so it is even with the floor. On the head, the yorkies' coat is abundant.  In fact, most owners must pulling the hair up with a bow just so the dog can see.
  • Color – Yorkies come in a variety of colors, but only one color pattern is recognized in the AKC breed standard.  The body and the tail should be steel blue (although these spots will look black on a puppy).  The coat around the face and on the legs should be tan.  Tri-colored, chocolate, or other variations can be registered but can not be shown because they have a greater tendency toward genetic defects.
  • Eyes --  Yorkies have black eyes and medium-sized.  The area around the eyes should also be dark.
  • Ears – The ears of yorkies are triangular and stand erect.  They will have hair inside the ear cavity and on the outer side of the ear.  The rim of the ear should be dark in color just like the area around the eyes.
  • Muzzle – Yorkies should have a medium-sized muzzle.  A muzzle that is too long or too short is undesirable.  The bite of the dog should also match up.  This is important because yorkies which are smaller than average often develop problems because their mouths are too small to hold all of their teeth.
  • Nose – The Yorkie nose should be black and should be perched at the end of the muzzle.  Pink noses or any other color variation is not permissable.
  • Tail – The AKC standard requires that yorkie tails be docked, usually to be half of their length at birth.  Most puppies have this done before they are sold to their new families.  The docked tail is erect and should be higher than the dog's back.  Most yorkie tails are covered in hair as well.
  • Height – The maximum height for yorkies is 6 to 7 inches.

Remember all of these elements are important in evaluating your dog's yorkie physical characteristics.