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 Yorkie Temperament

Yorkie temperament is something you should consider before choosing to bring this breed into your home.  While their adorable faces and small bodies may be appealing, yorkies are not a good fit for every family.

One aspect of the yorkie temperament which seems true of all toy dogs is that it doesn't realize its own size.  Yorkies will pick fights with much larger dogs and can behave aggressively towards strangers even though the dog stands no chance of victory in either case.  Proper socialization with people is a necessity to avoid the latter problem.  The former problem requires that yorkies be kept safely confined or leashed at all times because they can be killed easily by other dogs.

Yorkie TemperamentThe yorkie temperament makes them ideal for single owners.  Like most toy breeds, yorkies tend to attach themselves to one person in the home.  If that person babies the yorkie too much, the dog can become possessive and snappish even towards other members of the family.  Again, proper socialization is critical if you want a pleasant yorkie temperament in your dog.

There are many positive aspects to the yorkie temperament as well.  They are extremely devoted to their owner and are smart enough to do well in obedience training.  Despite the yorkie's small size, basic obedience training is a good idea for the breed.  The yorkie temperament is very high energy, so the training provides a constructive outlet for that energy.  Also, the training classes can be good places for socialization.  Training also prevents the dogs from being coddled too much by their owners.

The yorkie temperament also includes a stubborn streak.  The dogs may be able to follow their obedience commands but may refuse to do them just because they aren't in the mood.  This stubbornness may also contribute to the breed's infamous housebreaking issues.  It is true that some yorkies never become completely housebroken.

Although many owners have delighted in the cute barking of a yorkie puppy, the yorkie temperament soon causes some owners to dream of earplugs.  Yorkies have a tendency to bark excessively which can make them a nuisance in their home and to your neighbors.  Early training can prevent this problem.  Buy a cheap water gun, fill it up with water, and squirt the dog in the face when he is barking at an unacceptable time.  The water won't hurt him, but he will quickly learn there are negative consequences to his barking.

As in most dogs, the yorkie temperament includes both good and bad qualities.  These qualities need to be weighed carefully based on what you want and need for your household.  For example, if you want a great family dog, the yorkie may not be the best choice, especially with young children.  However, if you want a true companion animal who will be loyal and devoted to you, then your ideal may be the yorkie temperame