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Lifespan of Yorkshire Terrier

Lifespan of Yorkshire terriers is one of the reasons why so many people choose the breed.    A good quality, healthy yorkie can live between 12 to 15 years which is much longer than some breeds.  Understanding the lifespan of Yorkshire terriers is important before you choose the breed because it has ramifications.

Can you imagine what you are going to be doing 15 years from now? The answer is probably not.  You may have a few goals but none of us can accurately predict where we'll be even in the next thee to five years, let alone fifteen.  The reason this point is important is that your yorkie puppy may be with you for that long, and you have to be prepared for that kind of commitment.

Lifespan of Yorkshire TerrierWhen you purchase a dog, you are not buying a thing.  Instead, you are making a commitment to that yorkie to give him a home, food, and affection for the duration of his life.  If something comes up and you have to move, then you need to be prepared to take him with you.  If you get married, divorced, or have children, then your dog should be included in those lifestyle changes.  Because some pets and even some dogs do not have very long lifespans, these issues don't always come up.  However, when you are dealing with a dog who has the lifespan of Yorkshire terriers, then it's something you must consider.

Another factor related to the lifespan of Yorkshire terriers is that, like humans, some won't grow old gracefully.  With age, yorkies tend to become more prone to illness and injury so you may need to take more trips to the vet.  He may also develop arthritis which can cause severe pain and can eventually make it difficult for your yorkie to move around freely.  Thankfully, medications are available through your vet which can ease the pain and improve an aging yorkie's quality of life.

The lifespan of Yorkshire terriers also means you'll eventually be faced with the hard decision of when to euthanize your dog.   While some yorkies will die of natural causes such as cancer, others will have their bodes give out before their health does.  If your yorkie is in pain because of his arthritis, if he loses his ability to see and hear, if he can't walk or move, if eating becomes difficult, then these are some reasons why you may want to intercede and discuss euthanasia with your vet.

Euthanasia is completely painless.  The dog is given an injection, and he goes to sleep.  Many vets allow the owner to be present during the procedure, so owners often hold their dogs while the medication does its job.  When your beloved pet's quality of life is significantly and obviously reduced, the humane thing to do is eliminate any further suffering and allow him to die peacefully.  Remember this is just one of the considerations you need to think about because of the lifespan of Yorkshire terriers.