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 Potty Training Yorkshire Terrier

Potty training Yorkshire terriers can be difficult and does require great patience.  However, it can be made easier if you understand the proper way to housebreak your new puppy.

Before you begin, you must have realistic expectations.  Puppies cannot physically “hold it” for very long so no matter how much they want to not make a mess when you're gone they may not be able to help it.  Also, remember that potty training Yorkshire terriers will not happen overnight.  It will take many, many weeks of consistent effort.

Yorkie Potty TrainingThe most important part of potty training Yorkshire terriers is to realize when your puppy is going to need to go out.  When they wake up in the morning and right before they go to bed at night are both necessary times for your dog to go outside.  Just after eating a meal, drinking a large quantity of water, or playing hard, your puppy will also need a trip to the bathroom.  If your puppy is sniffing around the floor, this is often a sign that he needs to use the bathroom. 

Keep a good eye on your puppy at this stage.  Potty training Yorkshire terriers is less difficult if they do not have an accident on the floor.  If they do, you must clean it thoroughly with a product containing natural enzymes designed to completely eliminate the smell.  Otherwise, the dog will go back to that smell and will continue to have accidents in that spot. 

If you have a backyard area of your own, you should consider not cleaning up the dog's bathroom immediately.  Where dogs use the bathroom is largely determined by smell, so if his sense of smell tells him the backyard is his bathroom spot then he is more likely to use it.  Of course, you don't want to leave the mess indefinitely, but allowing it to remain for a day or two can help as your are potty training Yorkshire terriers.

Crate training is also important, especially if you are going to have to leave your puppy alone during the day.  Puppies don't want to go to the bathroom where they sleep, so they will try to hold it until you let them out of the crate.  Just remember that puppy bodies just can't hold it as long as adult dogs.  A four month old puppy, for example, needs to be let out of his crate every five hours. 

Any time your puppy goes to the bathroom outside you should praise him.  Make a big deal out of his success so he'll know that you're pleased with him.  If he has an accident in the house and you catch him in the act, then you should say “Bad” and immediately take him outside.  For accidents you discover later you should not punish your dog in anyway.  He will not understand why you are punishing him and doing things such as rubbing the dog's nose in the mess can actually cause the development of negative behaviors. 

While it's not easy, following these steps can help you in potty training Yorkshire terriers.