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Show Quality Yorkies

Show quality yorkies are something many potential owners are searching for.  However, before purchasing a puppy, you'll need to understand how to avoid some of the common pitfalls of buying show quality yorkies.

First, show quality yorkies are expensive.  Although prices vary, you won't find one for less than $1,500.  Even registered, pet quality yorkies cost upwards of $800.  If you encounter a breeder who is selling show quality yorkies for less than $1,500, you should keep looking.  Those puppies will not be show quality.

Show Quality YorkiesThat leads to the second important point about buying show quality yorkies.  You must find a reputable breeder.  You won't find show quality yorkies for sale at your local pet store nor will you find them advertised in the newspaper.  Reputable breeders rarely have to advertise, because their reputation brings buyers to them.  In fact, don't be surprised if you have to wait months or years to purchase show quality yorkies from a good breeder.  Many of them have waiting lists.

Before you leave a deposit for your show quality yorkies, you'll want to examine their parents' papers.   You should also ask for information about their lineage.  Some show quality yorkies are marketed as having champion bloodlines but that champion may have been five or six generations back.  That may not guarantee you show quality yorkies.

After the puppies are born, don't expect to bring them home for about the first six months.  Although pet quality yorkies are generally sold when they are about 12 weeks of age, breeders of show quality yorkies rarely send them home that early.  You may be anxious to see your new addition, but the wait is important because many of the yorkie's traits – good and bad – won't show up until around that age.  If you took him or her home earlier, you might find out you paid a show quality price for a pet quality dog.

Remember that show quality yorkies are not ready for the ring as soon as you bring them home.  While in appearance, they should match the breed standards, they still need  a significant amount of training and socialization to prepare them for the dog show circuit.  You'll also need to decide whether or not to hire a handler to work the dog.  Many owners choose to handle their own dogs but such a decision requires additional research.

Some people choose to purchase show quality yorkies simply as pets as well.  However, even yorkies who do not match the breed standards perfectly can be wonderful additions to a home.  They don't need champion bloodlines to sleep on your lap or curl up on your pillow.  If you only want a yorkie for a pet, you should consider bringing home an adult from a Yorkshire Terrier rescue instead.  Of course, if your heart is set on brining home that best in breed trophy, you'll want to shop around for show quality yorkies.