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 Training Yorkies

Training yorkies is not a difficult task, especially if you start young.  Even puppies as young as ten weeks can begin picking up basic commands, such as sit, and learning how to socialize with others.  Training yorkies from an early age will lead to a more obedient and easy to live with pet.

The first rule of training yorkies is to pick a treat.  The treat is your dog's treat for doing what you want him to do.  The key is not only to pick a treat your dog likes but to choose one which can be broken into tiny pieces so they are eaten quickly and one that has a strong smell.  The smell, not the treat itself, will make your yorkie anxious to follow your commands.

Training YorkiesTraining a yorkie to watch you is the next step.  For your yorkie to follow any other commands, he needs to pay attention to you and what you want even when there are many distractions around.  At this stage, you should simply hold the treat in front of your face, then say the dog's name followed by a command such as “Look” or “Watch me.”  As soon as your yorkie looks at you, praise him and give him the treat.  Training yorkies to “watch” is fairly easy with the right treat and a little practice.

You may want to start training yorkies to sit next.  “Sit” is another basic command which can be useful in many ways.  The command can keep them from running out the door or jumping up on your guests, for example.  More advanced commands often include “sit” as their basis. 

To train yorkies to sit, you need to hold the treat in your hand and move it just over their nose.  As their nose follows your hand, they should end up sitting.  As soon as the sit, you should praise and reward them.  If that particular hand motion doesn't work, you can try other varieties until you hit upon the one which does.  Some yorkies are more stubborn than others, so be patient.

During the training yorkies sessions, you can gradually work on combining the “sit” and “watch” commands.  First, get your dog's attention using “watch,” then follow it up with the “sit command.” Only praise and reward your yorkie when both steps are completed.

As you are training yorkies, you need to remember that long sessions are a bad idea.  Each session should last less than five minutes but should be repeated several times a day.  That way the dog is practicing what he has learned but he doesn't have a chance to get bored of the activities.  Once you've mastered these techniques, you'll be ready to move on to more advanced methods of training yorkies.