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Why Are Yorkies Harder to House-Train

Why are yorkies harder to house-train is a common question asked by both current and potential owners.  While some people will tell you that yorkies are no harder to potty train than other breeds, the truth is they are.  In fact, almost all toy breeds are harder to house-train.  There are a few reasons.

So why are yorkies harder to house-train? One reason may be that they have smaller bladders, so they can “hold it” for even less time than other breeds.  Most pet owners don't realize this and expect their dogs to be able to wait hours without having an accident.  This is not the case.  Yorkies must be taken outside more frequently, so their owners must be more vigilant.  Crate training, therefore, is essential because as soon you turn your back that puppy is likely to have a mistake in the house.

Training Yorkshire TerrierAnother answer to why are yorkies harder to house-train is their temperament.  Yorkies are naturally stubborn.  Ask anyone who has tried to obedience train a yorkie and you'll learn that the dogs are more than capable of picking up the commands but they'll only follow those commands when they want to.  With house-breaking, this stubbornness may make the process seem more like a battle of wills between you and your dog.  In fact, many owners give up and either give the dog up or allow them to continue having accidents in the house.

The why are yorkies harder to house-train question can also come down to problems with the owners.  When someone owns a larger dog, he or she is well aware of what will happen if that dog is allowed to have accidents in the house.  A Great Dane's mistakes would quickly ruin the carpet and fill the house with a horrible odor.  However, the mistakes of yorkies are not always viewed as so alarming so potty-training may not have the same urgency with their owners.

Furthermore, some toy breed owners may be reluctant to use crate training or may end up buying a crate which is too large for their yorkie.  With small, stubborn dogs like yorkies, proper crate training is simply not optional.

Additionally, some answers to why are yorkies harder to house-train may involve the use of paper or pad training initially.  Some owners do use these methods to keep their yorkies from making a mess in the house, but these methods actually make it more difficult for you to house-train your pet.  They begin to think it is acceptable to go to the bathroom indoors and that's not going to make your job easier.

If you keep having problems, your vet or a dog behavioralist may help you find answers to why are yorkies harder to house-train.