10 different haircuts for a Yorkshire Terrier

This type of cut is reminiscent of small Yorkshire puppies, making the coat softer and reducing the possibility of knots.

10 types of cut for a Yorkshire Terrier – The puppy cut
The Westy cut
The Westy cut is reminiscent of the classic West Highland White Terrier cut. It’s quite similar to the previous cut, although in this case the hair is cut very short and can even be shaved. Meanwhile, the dog’s eyebrows and beard should be trimmed just enough to visually highlight the ears and lengthen the muzzle.

10 different cuts for a Yorkshire Terrier – The Westy cut
The Schnauzer cut
As in the previous case, the Schnauzer cut imitates the classic Schnauzer cut. For this Yorkshire cut, the hair on the legs is left to grow so that the legs have a rounded shape, while the body is closely shaved. Beard and eyebrows are also important for this cut.

10 different cuts for a Yorkshire Terrier – The Schnauzer cut
The Pekingese cut
The Pekingese cut is another cut designed to mimic the physiology of another breed, in this case the Pekingese. To do this, simply let the dog’s hair grow to a medium size to imitate the Pekingese’s long, floppy ears. Finally, lightly shave the legs.

10 types of cut for a Yorkshire Terrier – The Pekingese cut
The Spanish Water Dog cut
This cut is easy to achieve and maintain. It’s designed to give your dog the appearance of a Spanish Water Dog. To achieve this cut, simply let the hair grow medium-short. Don’t smooth them with combs or any other accessory. The hair should be curly and mussed, but the cut size should be the same over most of the body.

10 types of cut for a Yorkshire Terrier – The Spanish Water Dog Cut
Other cuts for Yorkshire
If you don’t like the puppy cut or cuts imitating other dog breeds, you can cut your dog’s hair yourself and get inspired by the following cuts we’ll show you below.

Remember: the hairstyle that suits your dog best is the one he’ll feel most comfortable with, that won’t prevent him from doing his daily activities or pose a health hazard.

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