13 Strict Rules That Yorkies Have Established For Humans To Follow

Living with a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) is a delightful experience, but it comes with its own set of rules dictated by these pint-sized rulers. Yorkies may be small, but they have big personalities and expectations from their human counterparts. Here are 13 strict rules that Yorkies have established for humans to follow if they want to maintain the harmony of the household.

  1. Thou Shall Provide Royal Treats: Yorkies firmly believe in the importance of treats. Failure to provide a regular supply of delicious snacks may result in a disapproving stare and perhaps a little attitude.
  2. The Lap is Reserved: Yorkies are lap dogs through and through. One of their non-negotiable rules is that your lap is their exclusive property. Prepare for a gentle reminder if you attempt to use it for anything other than cuddling.
  3. Fashionable Attire is a Must: Yorkies have a keen sense of style, and they expect their humans to keep up. Dressing them in the latest canine couture is not just an option—it’s a requirement.
  4. Timely Meal Service: Mealtime is sacred for Yorkies. Any delay in serving their food is met with a combination of impatience, adorable begging, and an occasional bark to emphasize the urgency.
  5. Strict Grooming Standards: Yorkies take great pride in their appearance, and they expect the same from their humans. Regular grooming sessions are mandatory to maintain their luxurious coats and keep them looking their best.
  6. Attention on Demand: Yorkies are attention seekers, and they demand your focus whenever they desire it. Ignoring their requests for playtime or cuddles is not an option.
  7. The Right to Choose the Best Spot: Yorkies have a knack for finding the most comfortable spots in the house. If your favorite chair happens to be their chosen throne, you’ll need to find an alternative seat.
  8. No Ignoring the Sassy Attitude: Yorkies are known for their sassy attitudes and assertive behavior. Ignoring their opinions is futile—prepare to engage in delightful banter and negotiations.
  9. Privacy is Overrated: Forget about having personal space in the bathroom or during bedtime. Yorkies consider your presence essential at all times and will insist on being part of every moment.
  10. Walks on Demand: Yorkies have an unbridled enthusiasm for walks. Be prepared to drop everything and grab the leash whenever they give you that eager look.
  11. Respect the Toy Collection: Yorkies often have a vast collection of toys, each with its own significance. Accidentally misplacing or underestimating the importance of a particular toy is a grave offense.
  12. No Intruders Allowed: Yorkies take their role as protectors seriously. Any perceived threat, whether real or imaginary, must be met with a fearless bark and a show of bravado.
  13. Unconditional Love is Mandatory: At the end of the day, the most important rule is to reciprocate the unconditional love that Yorkies shower upon their humans. Failing to do so is simply unimaginable.


Living by these 13 strict rules may seem challenging at times, but the joy and love that Yorkies bring into your life make it all worthwhile. Embrace these rules, and you’ll find that life with a Yorkie is a delightful journey filled with companionship, laughter, and a whole lot of adorable antics.