Here Are 12 Hilarious Reasons To Never Trust A Yorkie

If you’re not prepared, this happy greeting could knock you over!

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Do you like sweaters? Then, you will make your own because of all the balls of fur. Your house will soon become covered with balls of fur. Soon, you’ll have enough to make a new rug.

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Be aware of playing with your yorkie when he asks for it. Otherwise, he will start doing things to have fun. If you were watching TV and you did not play with your pup, then do not be amazed when you find a mess in the house. Give him something to chew, otherwise, your choose can pay the price or other thing.

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If you are wearing make up, watch out. Your pup is always happy to show you how much happy and love he feels for you. As a result, They will lick your face as if you were a delicious candy.

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Jedi mind powers is their speciality. If they ask you to play fetch and you do not reply with a YES. They will stare at you until you feel guilty, and you decide finally play with them.

Do not move from your sofa too much. If you leave your spot just for a moment, do not expect to find your spot once you come back. They are spot stealers.

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You will have to get used to see through a cloudy window because all of the times your yorkie presses his nose against it. Yes, maybe he was looking for that squirrel that is surrounding your neighborhood.

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They are actually thieves—they’ll steal your heart! You’ll realize how big and happy can be your life living with a yorkie. From that point on, you’ll always want you’ll always want to have a lovable, funny yorkie dog in your home.

source: ihearthwild.com