Tips for straightening a Yorkshire terrier’s ears

Yorkshire Terriers usually take a while to straighten their ears. In other cases, it may never do so because of genetics, and in a third case, the dog will need our help to do it.

If you’re looking for tips on how to straighten a Yorkie’s ears, you’ve come to the right site. PlanèteAnimal is going to present you with a few ideas which, although they may seem ineffective at first glance, will enable you to achieve a good result.

Read on to find out what tips there are for straightening a Yorkie’s ears. Start applying them now!

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The first tip for straightening a Yorkie’s ears is to shave his ears with clippers or electric dog shears, acting with care and delicacy.

Sometimes the weight of his own ear hair is too heavy and he won’t make the effort to straighten them. You don’t need to shave your dog all the way down to the base of his ears, but if you do, you should give him a westy trim. Your dog will be all the sweeter and more beautiful for it!

There are many different types of yorkie haircuts: find out which one suits your faithful companion best on PlanèteAnimal.

Tips for straightening a Yorkie terrier’s ears – Shave the ears
Dog plasters
By using dog plaster, you’ll have discovered a second tip for straightening your Yorkshire terrier’s ears. You can find a specific product for dogs in pet shops that won’t harm his coat at all.

The plaster is very simple to use: just roll up the dog’s ears a little, without folding them, and fix them in the desired position with the same plaster. Make sure you’re not hurting him, and that he feels comfortable.

You can use plaster every other day, and this way you’ll make sure his skin perspires properly.

Tips for straightening a Yorkshire terrier’s ears – Dog plasters
Food supplements
The third tip for straightening a Yorkie’s ears is to feed your dog certain foods that will reinforce the consistency of its cartilage.

You can find condroprotectors for dogs, highly effective supplements that promote better cartilage nutrition for firmer cartilage. Gelatin without additives or preservatives and even small portions of cheese can also help your dog.

Before administering any type of supplement, you should consult your vet: he will be able to advise you on the most suitable product for your Yorkie terrier.

Tips for straightening yorkshire terrier ears – Dietary supplements
We’ve already given you our tips for straightening a Yorkie terrier’s ears! Do you have a better tip you’d like to share? Want to show us your results? Share your photo with the PlanèteAnimal community so that everyone knows about your pet.