15 Reasons Why Yorkshire Terrier Shouldn’t Be Trusted

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular indoor and decorative dog breeds in the world. York is charming in appearance, energetic, affectionate, and a great companion.

#1 The disadvantages of this breed include a rather wayward, stubborn disposition.

#2 Breed owners should not forget about the correct upbringing and socialization of their pet.

#3 To educate, to instill the correct manners, you need to start as soon as the baby gets comfortable in the house.

#4 While raising a Yorkie, you need to show tact and patience.

#5 The disadvantages of the breed include the love of this breed to make some noise.

#6 Dogs have a keen hearing and scent, thanks to their natural hunting instincts, so they often like to bark when they hear harsh sounds outside the window or rustling outside the door, which obviously may not please your neighbors.

#7 Due to its compact size, you should handle the Yorkie very carefully, make sure that the puppy does not jump from a great height and is not injured.

#8 You need to watch your pet very carefully while walking.

#9 Yorkies are energetic and cocky, so dogs of large breeds noticing small “aggressors” can scare the baby or harm them.

#10 For walks in the cold season, in order to prevent hypothermia, you will need several sets of warm clothes and shoes.

#11 Fragility. These dogs are very prone to injury. For example, a mini-yorker can dislocate his paw by jumping off the couch unsuccessfully.

#12 Walking. Mini-York is not a fan of long walks. In cold weather, you need to dress him warmly, and a small dog is often against this.

#13 Reproduction. Mini-York bitches are not able to bear and give birth to healthy offspring. Only males are suitable for breeding. This is a significant disadvantage of the breed.

#14 Care. To keep the coat long and shiny, it needs regular and careful grooming. Busy and impatient people should pay attention to this minus. Grooming can be compensated for with a haircut.

#15 Voiced barking. They often bark in the apartment and on the street. Despite the mini size of the dog, its barking is loud and sonorous. This disadvantage is often noticed by the neighbors of the owners of this breed of dogs.