16 Reasons Yorkies Are The Worst Breed To Own

Yorkies look ridiculous in the windy season

They have so much hair on their face, and in the windy season, the hair has been pulled back, which gives them a ridiculous look.

Yorkies never make you laugh

Yorkies do not do stupid things and try to make you laugh like other dogs do. They are self-centered dogs and care little about their owners and mostly about themselves. Some people adore them for their intelligence, but most people do not like self-centered dogs.

Yorkies suffer from “Big Dog Syndrome”

In this case, Yorkie thinks he is sturdier than all the pets in the household, and should be the leader and rule maker. Yorkies terrify other people and pets in the house and try to force them to leave the house.


So far, we have discussed the cons of keeping Yorkies, and you probably think it is best to avoid such kinds of dogs. There are other breeds you can choose from, but make sure you read about them so you find a potential fit. Selecting the perfect breed can be difficult, but continuous research and efforts can prove fruitful when you have your desired breed dog.