Is a female or a male Yorkshire Terrier better?

At some point in the process of adopting a dog, it is common to wonder whether a female or a male Yorkshire Terrier is better. Regardless of sex, Yorkshire dogs are dogs that arouse great tenderness and protective instinct. Even in their adult stage, it is normal that they keep their childish features and great activity, so they usually look younger than they really are.

Beyond its spectacular appearance, with a proportionate head, small ears, intense look and silky hair, its size makes the Yorkshire Terrier a practical pet, easy to transport and that does not require large spaces to live, run or let off steam.

As for its temperament, very particular and marked, it is characterized by being brave, sweet, balanced, cheerful, funny, dynamic and somewhat proud. In the same way, he stands out for being a watchdog, alerting that someone is coming home when he hears the doorbell; and quiet, as he likes to spend long hours curled up in his bed or on the sofa.

Is a female or a male Yorkshire better? Their differences
We have started by reviewing the character and temperament of the Yorkshire Terrier precisely because there are no major differences between females and males. After all, each dog, as it happens with people, even if they belong to the same sex or breed, are defined by different traits and personality. The same is true for our adorable Yorkies.

However, when it comes to adopting, you are probably wondering if it is more convenient to look for a female or a male Yorkshire Terrier. Beyond the reproductive issues involved in each sex, males tend to be more territorial, especially if they live with other dogs or other pets; with greater protective instinct, as well as more daring and independent.

Regarding females, they are known to be more affectionate and affable, especially at times when they go through the estrous cycle or heat (twice a year). This leads them to establish a stronger and closer bond with the house in which they live and their owners.

Finally, on a physical level, males tend to be somewhat larger and heavier than females. Either way, male or female, you will not regret adopting a Yorkshire Terrier, they are dogs that are loved, they will quickly make a place at home and you can not stop playing with them or cuddling them when they are resting next to you.