How to cut the hair of a yorkshire step by step

Do you consider yourself a handyman or handywoman? Have you ever thought about how to cut a Yorkshire’s hair step by step at home? Do you have skills in dog grooming? If so, we encourage you to read on. In this article we explain how to do it, as well as tell you some tips and tricks to keep in mind to leave your dog with a great haircut Yorkshire style. Take note!

How often is a Yorkshire terrier’s hair cut?
While it is true that every dog and every breed, like every person, is unique, haircuts in the yorkshire terrier should be done with some frequency if we want to maintain good hygiene and that their appearance is always perfect. It is recommended that, in cases where you want to keep the hair long, it should be trimmed with scissors every six months. However, many people choose to leave their hair short for easy maintenance and brushing.

But how to cut the hair of a yorkshire step by step? Obviously, as important is the haircut, as their daily brushing. Yorkshire terrier dogs, especially females, are characterized by their long and fine hair, so they are very susceptible to tangles and knots. For this reason, it is vital to be constant in their maintenance and, in each bath, apply a good shampoo and conditioner specifically indicated for the breed.

Other people prefer to keep long hair on their Yorkies, however, they cut some areas of their pet’s coat on a recurring basis for their pets’ comfort and to maintain proper hygiene. Thus, the fringe, the area around the eyes, the inside of the ears and the anus (to prevent debris from being left behind when they defecate) are some of the most common areas to be trimmed.

The ears of the yosay terrier should also be taken care of, especially during the first months of the dog’s life. Since, during the puppy stage, it is necessary to avoid that the area is overloaded with hair, since this could prevent the lifting of the ears of the yorkshire by the weight of the own hair.

How to cut the hair to a yorkshire step by step at home
First of all, it is important that you value your abilities as a dog groomer. If you do not have too much skill for it, nor do you have the right tools (such as a good clippers), it is best that you leave this work in the hands of professionals. This decision will undoubtedly avoid any disaster or injury to your little Yorkshire Terrier.

If you have decided to do it, after having considered what we have mentioned above, congratulations! Below, we explain how to cut the hair of a yorkshire step by step at home. Do not lose detail and get down to work!

Step 1: Find the right time of day, when your yorkshire terrier is calmer and more relaxed. A good option is after the walk and once their hunger and thirst needs are covered.

Step 2: Give him a good bath to leave him completely clean (do not forget to use conditioner). Next, it is important to leave the coat very dry (there should be no moisture left) and brush it thoroughly to remove any unwanted debris or knots that may have been generated.

Step 3: Choose a comfortable area to cut your yorkshire’s hair. Make it easily accessible for you (but also stable and comfortable for him), have an outlet nearby to connect the clippers and also have somewhere to tie the dog with a harness to prevent him from moving too much.

Step 4: Start clipping! First of all, familiarize your yorkshire with the machine. Show it to him and approach it carefully and cautiously to his body before starting to cut. When you see that he has accepted the machine as something natural, you can get down to work.

Step 5: It is recommended to start cutting in the neck area, going down the back and the loin little by little, always keeping the animal’s skin stretched to avoid cuts in its skin.

Tools to cut a dog’s hair
As you can imagine, before you get down to work and cut your dog’s hair, you need to have the right tools. The main thing is to have a hair clipper, clippers or electric machine with different heads that allow you to adapt the haircuts in each area for your Yorkshire Terrier.