Top 10 Benefits of Having a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is a popular breed of dogs well-liked by its owners for a whole host of reasons; offering a great personality in a tiny package.

Dogs have scientifically been proven to be a crucial prerequisite in a human’s life.

Whether you have owned a Yorkie before or are planning to acquire one, there are a Ton of benefits and personality traits you should know and enjoy. So let’s see these pros.

1. Yorkies’ size is an incentive.

yorkie shedding

They are the smallest dogs recorded in history which come as good news. In case you have limited space in your room, Yorkies will always fit and remain comfortable.

2. They have a hypoallergenic Coat.

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These dogs are relatively free from irritants and are considered safe for people vulnerable to allergies and asthma.

3. No need for vigorous exercises.

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Being so small, Yorkies don’t require a lot of lengthy workouts.

This appeals very well to people lacking enough time to take a walk with their dog.

4. They are good therapy dogs.

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Being very friendly and affectionate, they can revamp the life of people succumbing in emotional distress.

They are also great autism dogs and can offer kids both emotional and practical assistance in correcting behaviors.

5. They are budget dogs.

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You don’t have to spend too much on high-end dog content like foods. They have a small stomach and will not eat too much.

6. They are excellent guard dogs.

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A Yorkie has a keen eyesight and a sharp smell and he won’t fail to announce approaching strangers.

Despite being solely bred as family pets, they are also brave and often classified under the “working class dogs.”

7. They coexist well with other dogs.

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Most dogs will try to dominate other dogs. Yorkshire Terriers are exceptional and will rather play than pick fights.

They will tolerate other pets skidding around them. This is adorable in case you have other pets at home.

8. Yorkies are very loving and devoted companions.

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They have such a docile personality that gives a satisfying experience to their owners.

Yorkshire Terriers form amazing companions though it heavily depends on how they are raised. They also love cuddles!

9. They are extremely intelligent.

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This is a unique quality with the Yorkies. They are smart and talented, actually according to the official Yorkshire Terrier guide.

They are adept at responding to a prompt making them easy to train. However, be warned of him trying to boss the house if you act too soft.

10. They are the cleanest dogs.

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Unlike other breeds, Yorkies don’t like digging and chewing rotten substances.

Potty training is also very easy for them. These unique qualities make it a delight to own a Yorkie.


For many, a Yorkie is chosen to be the best. Baring in mind the sheer number of qualities, a Yorkshire Terrier is automatically an ideal dog.

In case you don’t have one, rush and get yourself one. Later you’ll be compelled to hit back and narrate the whole host of advantages you’ll have experienced.